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litiholo DIY hologram kit

Safe, Hologram-Quality Laser Diode
2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film Plates (20 - 2"x3")
Laser-cut Holographic Plate Holder
Laser-cut Laser Mount (with 2 diode mounting pieces)
LED Darkroom Light (For seeing in the dark without exposing the film)
Battery Pack (batteries not included)
Object for Hologram
Step-by-Step Instructions
The 100% Litiholo Guarantee
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Project launched

Holograms are cool! Full-color holograms that you can make in your own home or classroom are even cooler.

We've heard you ask "When can I make full color holograms?" and now we're answering you! We launched a kickstarter which was successful, thanks to you, and are now working on the release of our FULL COLOR Hologram kit!

Instant Hologram Film
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2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film


Litiholo 2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film means you can get BRIGHTER HOLOGRAMS made with SHORTER EXPOSURE TIMES, and there are still NO chemicals and NO processing to see your holograms. So whether you are a hologram newbie, or a serious hobby holographer, this new material will help you make great holograms easier and faster than ever before.
4x5 Hologram Kit
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4 x 5 Film Kit Upgrade

4"x 5" Hologram Upgrade Kit & Film

4"x5" sized 2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film plates (6 pcs.)
Larger holographic laser unit for exposing 4"x5" holograms (20mW)
Laser-cut Laser Mount to hold new laser unit
Larger laser-cut Plateholder and Plate Support for 4"x5" plates
Longer laser-cut Spacer for proper laser positioning
Taller Laser Tower Legs and Spacer for adapting the Reflection
Hologram Kit Upgrade to 4"x5" hologram exposures
Test Object for larger hologram
Step-by-Step Instructions for producing 4"x5" transmission & reflection
Reflection Hologram Upgrade
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Reflection Hologram Upgrade


Allows for easy creation of reflection holograms with your Hologram Kit. Upgrade package includes Laser Tower and Spacer, designed to properly position laser and other Hologram Kit optics for making reflection holograms. Also includes Step-by-Step Instructions for making your reflection holograms. An additional 10-Pack of C-RT20 "Instant Hologram" Film is included at no extra charge - a $40 value. Reflection Hologram Kit Upgrade $34
The Litiholo Hologram Kit
"Litiholo...has revolutionized student-friendly holography..."

"...the system will allow parents and teachers to bring the magic of holography, and the science behind it, into their homes and classrooms."

The Physics Teacher Magazine - Read the full hologram kit article

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Making Holograms

Since the first Star Wars movie
projected an image of Princess Leia from a quirky R2D2 droid, holography has captured the imagination of people everywhere. And the "cool science" factor of holograms has only increased since then. Consider the following:

  • CNN coverage of the 2008 presidential election includes reporting by "holograms."
  • Holographic data storage is reaching retail reality with companies including GE.
  • The all-animated musical band of the Gorillaz performs live concerts via holographic projection.
  • Almost all credit cards and driver's licenses now contain hologram security features.


Despite the fact that people hear so much about them today, the technology for making holograms has been out of reach for the average person. Companies and universities spend millions on holographic lasers and specialty vibration isolation equipment, while hobby holographers can spend months preparing before they get their first 3D images. There has been a substantial gap to overcome for regular people to make their own holograms.

Litiholo is the solution that brings the power of making holograms into the hands of real people. Now you can experience the cool science of holography... easily and affordably.

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