Instant Hologram Film

Creates bright, clear holograms that are ready to view immediately - no chemicals, and no processing.

Pricing & Sizes

C-RT20 Instant Hologram Film

Using Litiholo film is an affordable and easy way to make your own holograms. Making holograms has never been this easy.

2"x3" 20-Pack | $79.00

20 Instant Hologram Film plates - 2"x3" size
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2"x3" 10-Pack | $40.00

10 Instant Hologram Film plates - 2"x3" size
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4"x5" 6-Pack | $79.00

6 Instant Hologram Film plates - 4"x5" size (requires 4"x5" Hologram Upgrade Kit)
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Traditional holographic films require lengthy chemical processing. This takes up valuable time which would be better spent making and viewing holograms. And more chemicals means more money.

Litiholo film is a special material called a photopolmer, that is uniquely suited for making holograms instantly! As the film is exposed, it deveops at the same time. When the exposure is complete, the active materials in the film have been used up, and the hologram can be viewed immediately without waiting.

Making holograms has never been this easy.



Anyone can make holograms with Instant Hologram Film.

  • Expose hologram
  • View hologram
You spend your time making holograms and viewing them, not developing them.


There are no extra chemicals to purchase. And when you factor in the value of your time (at home or in the classroom), the convenience of Litiholo Film is huge.

Real Holograms

These are real holograms, based on the physics that won a Nobel Prize, not some gimmick or reflection. Each plate captures one permanent hologram image.

No Mess

Instant Film plates are a completely dry process. No wet chemicals, no mess. You can make holograms right at home or in standard classroom.

Film Info & Tips:

If at first you don't succeed, overexpose

The Litiholo 2.0 Instant Hologram Film is very different from traditional film. If you are unable to get a hologram with a certain exposure time, try increasing the time. The Litiholo Film develops as it is being exposed, so additional laser exposure will have only a minor effect after the film has used up all of its exposure capacity. After you have established an exposure time that works, you can start to back off the exposure time for fine tuning.

That clear blue color

The Litiholo "Instant Hologram" Film starts out with a significant blue tint. Areas that receive exposure should turn from this blue color to a lighter blue color or clear; a bleaching effect. After you have finished your hologram exposure, you may wish to bleach out any other areas that did not receive laser exposure. To do this, hold the film plate about 2-3 inches away from an ordinary light bulb, and the film should bleach out entirely in about 2-5 minutes.

Well, you may not know it, but making holograms was not always this easy

Usually, after creating your hologram with the laser, you still had one of the hardest parts ahead of you: the developing. For years and years, holograms have typically been made on silver-halide emulsion film, very much like a higher resolution version of the film in traditional cameras. Developing these holograms involved a complex process of several different chemical baths, all in the dark, of course. Before that, some holograms were made on DCG, or Dichromate Gelatin, the development for which included dipping the holograms into boiling alcohol.

But not you! You are now a member of an elite generation that can make holograms instantly. With Litiholo 2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film, the hologram forms and develops at the same time, allowing your images to be viewed immediately. No waiting. No chemicals.

Spec Sheet


  • Substrate: 1.8mm glass
  • Film thickness: 16 microns
  • Coversheet: 60 microns


  • DE Transmission: >90% holographic grating test
  • DE Reflection: >90% holographic mirror test
  • Sensitivity: ~400 - 690 nm
  • Exposure Energy (635nm): 20 mJ/cm2
  • Exposure Energy (532nm): 30 mJ/cm2
  • Exposure Energy (450nm): 80 mJ/cm2


  • Temperature: 55 - 80 degrees F (do not refrigerate)
  • Humidity: 30 - 55% RH
  • Lifetime: 12 month warranty minimum
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