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    litiholo hologram kit
Kit Includes:
Safe, Hologram-Quality Laser Diode
2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film - NEW!!
Plates (20 - 2"x3")
Laser-cut Holographic Plate
Laser-cut Laser Mount
(with 2 diode mounting pieces)
LED Darkroom Light
(For seeing in the dark
without exposing the film)
Battery Pack and Batteries
Object for Hologram
Step-by-Step Instructions
The 100% Litiholo Guarantee
Litiholo Hologram Kit
Litiholo RRT20 film is a holographic film for making holograms with no chemicals and no development processing.
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The Physics Teacher Magazine
The Physics Teacher magazine
"I've produced both transmission and reflection holograms..., over a dozen in all, without a failure."
MSNBC Tech and Gadgets

"Holograms are very cool, but I never thought I could make one in my own home."
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Your Own Hologram Lab in a Box

Make Magazine ( covers the Litiholo Hologram Kit in this great introductory video.

Complete with 2.0 "Instant Hologram" Film for brighter holograms in less time.
Everything you need to make real 3D laser holograms. It's so simple, you could be making your first hologram in about an hour. Best of all, with the Litiholo "Instant Hologram" Film Plates, you spend all your time making holograms, not developing them.

Litiholo Hologram Kit - $99.99

The 100% Litiholo Guarantee!
If you are unable to make a hologram with our Hologram Kit, simply return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your full purchase price.

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"My son received his holographic kit from your company yesterday. It was his 14th birthday present. This evening he set up a bathroom as a makeshift darkroom and produced two wonderful, crystal-clear holograms on his first two attempts, just by following the kit's instructions. I compliment Litiholo for assembling a truly remarkable, easy-to-use kit..."
"My daughter loved your equipment for her science fair project..."
"I am using your hologram kits in my introductory college physics lab, and with great success - your kits are wonderful!"
- mk

Real Holograms - you can make holograms just like this one, right in your own home or classroom. Step-by-step instructions make the hologram process
easy, educational, and fun!


And It's Backed by Our
100% Litiholo Guarantee
If you are unable to make a hologram with our Hologram Kit, simply return it for a prompt and courteous 100% refund of your full purchase price.

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Litiholo Hologram Kit - $99.99


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We love making holograms!

From our roots at MIT, we wanted to make holograms easy enough for scientists of all ages to enjoy.

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